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Thread: New pond depth

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    New pond depth

    Just completed Fish Pond,
    Increased depth from 3' to 5',
    But having held my Koi in Paddling pool, they became very stressed, and have on a couple, came up with Carp Pox,(cold weather etc) and a couple of them have broken their front top main fin, will this repair itself after time ??,
    Im hopeing, that within a couple of weeks, everything will get back to normal ,
    Ive started feeding Wheatgerm,
    Can people tell me the advantages and disadvantages of feeding wheatgerm all year around,(apart from Winter, when i cease feeding completely), as ive heard, some say they only feed wheatgerm all the time, even in the summer,
    Ive posted a couple of pic's,
    Just got to think of a way of covering my filter boxes, but still being able to get to them,
    Cheers Mark
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    Hello Mark . . .

    Only folks registered at that Forum where you posted them can view your pix; I'm not, so wasn't able to.

    As for feeding wheat germ year round (except for winter fasting), I know of many folks who follow that regime with great success -- including the great Peter Waddington. But don't be surprised if your question starts a food fight (pun intended) here.

    The leading (main) dorsal ray, once broken, seldom (if ever) repairs itself properly.

    And congrats on having increased your pond's depth. Your koi should be much happier and healthier for it.

    Best wishes,
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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