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Thread: mouth problems

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    mouth problems

    Been looking around the forum, and you all seem so very into your koi.

    I donít know if my 2 fish have the same problem or 2 different problems.

    Flash the first one has a lump hanging down from his mouth & has a enlarged whisker. (circled in red)

    trickle is the 2nd fist he has got a white mouth, the left is worse and on the top it is flaking. It only started yesterday and seems to have got worse.
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    aldergrove, BC
    What is your primary filtration? the white and back fish looks like it could be a Flexibacter infection and the other fish looks like it has mouth rot. One of my fish had a Flexibater infestion and was treated with Baytril. Mouth rot could be treated with an aquarium treatment if your system is small enough.

    Hope things get better!

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    I think the problem may be that they are in an aquarium..............

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