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Thread: Koi Growth - Season to season

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    Koi Growth - Season to season

    I've been taught that koi put on most of their growth in the first 3 years.

    If a koi has the genetic potential to grow to say 28-30" but instead of going to a mud pond, it's held in a large concrete pond.

    When the koi is Nisai or Sansai, it lags behind a mile in growth compared to the mud grown koi with the same potential.

    Can this concrete grown koi catch up? If so, would it have to go into the mud to catch up or could it catch up in a well designed and maintained pond?

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    Good question. As JR has posted in another thread, Japanese breeders have found that the fish do ctach up, but their observations have been with koi that were held back in the first couple of seasons. I find it hard to believe that growth potential can be brought to fruition in koi held back beyond Sansai. As sexual maturity is achieved, I think maximizing the potential is less likely.

    That said, my old Hariwake was stable at 28" until she went into my current pond in May, 2005. Now finishing her 15th growing season, she is closer to 32" than 31". I wonder how long she might have grown if given optimal conditions from birth.

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