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Thread: Food for optimal growth

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    Jul 2008
    Uddevalla, Sweden

    Food for optimal growth


    My name is Jan. I live in the south of Sweden and have been a koi kichi for two years now. I have been hanging around in this forum for a while and absorbing all the knowledge and experience. So, first of all I´d like to thank you for sharing and making this great forum a goldmine for koi entusiasts and newbies like myself.

    I keep my koi indoor during the winter. With good water quality and partly water changes 3 to 4 times a week, a temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius and intensive feeding my aim is to achive optimal growth and development.

    At this moment I use Dai Suki Gold koi food, but I´ve heard some good stories about Hikari, Dainich and House of Kata. They all have special food for growth. Are there really big differencies between these and other manufacturers and their various koi food or is this just mainly about marketing? I´m sure that many of you have been experimenting with different food for maximum growth an development and I really would like to hear your opinion and the result you have achived.

    Thank you!


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    Sansai Vogata's Avatar
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    Food for thoughts

    Many foods are ok and all brands have food less that optimum as far as we know.

    Mostly you get what you pay for (if not in propositional amount but still). In your line of food thought both Hikari and Dainichi have good top of the line product and we have tested them, we currently favour JPD and at the top itís a close race. The cheapest of all is just that in all respect. All food mentioned hear is with same main line of composition and still we recommend moistening and adding some vitamins and minerals. In many cases this has done more than the change in brand. The same can bee said about feeding regime; do read up on resent development and night digestion on Nishikigoi.
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    I have not used all of the foods mentioned, so I cannot comment on their comparative virtues. I use a variety of feeds, with Hikari brand feeds being the base. At the AKCA Seminar last June, Jasper K shared data on his testing of the protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc levels of several brands. He observed that most brands vary from shipment to shipment. Few exactly match the package analysis. In most instances the variation is not very much, but can be a little lower in protein than the packaging would indicate. He expressed amazement at the consistency of Hikari feeds. Packages produced months apart were indistinguishable in content, with variation from package analysis being consistently upward in desirable components and downward in less desirable components. Protein levels were typically a couple of percentage points above the guaranteed minimum. Ash content was typically lower than the maximum listed. This said a great deal about the manufacturing controls in place, especially coming from the person behind development of a competing brand. BTW, I would like to use the Saki Hikari and EA Show pellets, but the available pellet sizes are too small. I prefer a large pellet... and hope that if I say so often enough they will come out with it.

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    Hej alla,

    For growth last summer I used Blackwater Creek Gold. It seemed to be very good food. This winter I am using Saki Hikari wheatgerm. I doubt you can go wrong with the Saki Hikari family of foods. The negative with them is the cost.

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    Mar 2005
    I used EA Show and EA Health this past season and was very happy with the results. I got good growth but more importantly their skin seemed better then ever. I would think any EA dealer in Sweden should be able to get it for you if you wanted to try it.
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    Nisai Jimbo's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    I really like E.A. foods. For growth skin quality and finish I think it's the one for me. You'll really like how great your shiro will improve. Try it you'll like it.

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    I think the EA food is the best we've used so far!!!

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    I always use mix koi food mean local koi food or oversea koi food depend on my money.:d i beleive in each brand they must have diffrent ingredients that why i use mix koi food.

    But one thing i never forget to my koi. It give pumpkin for them 1 time a day.

    Some time i use live koi food at less 1 time a week.

    At the end water quality is the main thing to make koi growth.
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    I am not a Hikarii user as its far to expensive for me but a friend of mine uses it and this is what i have seen.

    We both bought rather expensive dainichii tosai at the same size and time. My pond is bigger and has a lower stocking rate than my friends. We both use the same filtration type of system but ofcourse i have more due to the size of the pond.

    I received 20kg of a local koi food for free from the local manufacturer and i used it during this time. My friend fed Hikari.

    Its now 5 months since we bought the tosai and his fish is atleast 40% bigger than mine...

    I was very impressed. Needless to say i am no longer using the local koi food.

    I now feed 1.5% of body weight a day and feed every 4 hours. I have gone back to using imported food Aqua Master, which i was always happy with.

    My koi get oranges every 3rd day and brown rice every 2nd week. I treat my pellets with Extra virgin olive oil that contains garlic and i add chopped pieces of garlic to it aswell. I prepare the food 12 hours before and add montmorelite clay to soak up the last of the oil just before feeding it to the koi.

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    Fry grafoman's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Uddevalla, Sweden
    Thank´s for the input! I´ve been in contact with an experienced koi keeper and dealer who have been very succesful in shows. As a result of that I will try a mix of House of Kata products; 1/3 color, 1/3 unique boost and 1/3 royal mix. I´m also curious about the JPD products, which are cheaper, so I´ll try them too.
    I fed my koi with oranges for the first time a few days ago, and they really love it. I have to see if they like garlic too.

    Mvh / Jan

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