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Thread: filters and diy jobs

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    filters and diy jobs


    currently in my pond I am running a laguna pressureflo 2100 filter.

    Good filter but I want to do better. I pump the water from the pond to the filter in shed and then back to pond.

    can anyone suggest a good filter. to get maximum koi.

    also. any links to do it yourself filters that are good and would work great?

    any help is appreciated.

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    How big is your pond? If it's on the smaller size (under 2000 gallons) look into the EZ Pod. If it's larger think about a Nexus. Mech. and bio all in one.

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    So you want a koi pond (a pond system that is designed to optimize koi growth and health), or a water garden (a pond system that is designed to house plants...and fish are an afterthought) or something else?

    It is hard to help until we know the goal.

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    my goal is for a koi pond only going to be keeping koi. i want to maximize my room and will probably overstock a bit.

    i would hope the koi would breed. but fry would be put in another pond seperate.

    i would probably be keeping several lillies in my koi pond.

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    I will try not be antagonistic....

    The notion of lilies in a koi pond is a contradition. Or course you can build your pond system in any way that means any applicable local building codes/laws.

    But the key in koi keeping is learning what we should do to provide our koi with a system that is designed and maintained to give them the best chance of to thrive.

    There is huge between what we can do and what we should do.

    A pond area that is shallow enough for lilies is not deep enough for riverine carp (which is what koi are). Koi thrive in large/deep water with current, heavy filtration and aeration.

    I suggest you might consider doing some research on koi ponds. You can find most of the following books on Amazon or perhaps borrow them from fellow club members. I recommend you start with the books and magazines in italics

    Koi Kichi
    Koi 2 Kichi
    Koi Living Jewels of the Orient
    Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi
    The Completely Illustrated Guide to Koi
    Koi Appreciation: The First Step
    Kokugyo Volume 1
    Kokugyo Volume 2
    Manual of Koi Health
    Koi Health and Disease 2006 Reload
    Step by Step Advanced Koi Diagnosis & Treatments
    Advanced Koi Care
    The Koi Doctor
    Koi A Handbook on Keeping Nishikigoi
    The Cult of the Koi
    Koi for Dummies
    Textbook of Nishikigoi
    Manual of Nishikigoi
    Modern Nishikigoi
    Nishikigoi, Fancy Koi
    Koi for Home and Garden

    KOIUSA (magazine of AKCA)
    Koi Nation
    Koi (former Koi Ponds and Gardens)
    Koi Carp (magazine of BKKS)
    Nichirin (magazine of ZNA)
    Nishikigoi International

    DVD magazines
    KoiFixx (excellent series by Brady)

    On-line koi magazines

    DVDs and Tapes
    Living Jewels series (10 plust a "Best of")
    Koi Keepers series (5 released)
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Koi
    Pond Construction
    Koi Carp Master Class: Starting Out
    Advanced Koi Keeping (oldie but goodie by Brady)
    Project: Koi Pond

    Note on the DVDs and tapes: Many of the above titles are in PAL format from Europe. So your computer should be able to play them. But for you to see them on your DVD player and TV, the DVD player may need to be both "region free" and be able to convert PAL to NTSC (North American video standard).
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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