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Thread: SD AKCA Seminar Emphasis of the Pond Tour

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    SD AKCA Seminar Emphasis of the Pond Tour

    First "pond" was a shallow stream in some famous meditation Garden. The Filtration was two 1.5hp pool pumps with bead filters.
    The Cool thing was it was a famous Spot for transcendental meditation people and was started by a Yogi in the '30's. the original building fell into the ocean. the steps are all that are left.
    The Bizarre thing was that there were a half dozen men with five gallon buckets that were keeping the ground IMMACULATE! They did not have hand tools. they would stand there waiting for a leaf to fall form a tree and then it was a race to see which one would get to it first....a V---e---r----y slow controlled transcendentally motivated floating race to the leaf. One time A breeze came through and dislodged three leaves. As the leaves tumbled through the air you could see the men slowly turn and position themselves for the event ... THREE leaves! i am sure it was the topic of discussion over the lunch table. I could not stay long enough to see which man got one.
    The next pond was ... deep and small and full of koi.
    But it sat on the top edge of a picturesque Desert canyon of a few thousand acres. I spent more time looking at the canyon, imagining sitting there drinking a coke and watching the wildlife.

    the next pond was in a lemon grove
    A real koi pond, with a real koi pond keeper
    5-6ft deep
    with a beautiful designed and maintained gravity fed filtration system..brushes and spring-flo ribbon.
    This was the premier KOI pond of the tour.
    the next was a Rich man's Pond
    4000 gallons
    maintained by a local Koi Company.
    Huge electricity usage...
    Money ... I forget the UV overkill on this pond..it might have had 8 UV lamps on the two pumps...and I believe it was another Pump and Bead filter set up...and get this ..it is "maintained" by the koi company. I wish I had that job...turn two knobs, Write a bill.
    The house was built this past year. The grass was lush.Unusual for a house built in the desert. It requires copious amounts of water. As we walked back to look at the filtration pit i asked the owner about the beautiful grass.
    "What Kind of grass is this?"
    His answer, "green?" The tone in his voice suggested he didn't care. And I shouldn't habve bothered to inquire.
    The last (yes the last, no I didn't miss any) was the richest pond as far as levels of personal embellishment and enhancement.
    the ol fellah had a pond..I didn't really look at it good. What I did enjoy were all the Yard bangles and Baubles....frescoes, wood, bronze and stone statues... even a sarcophagus(sp), and a dovecot to add the soothing sound of doves...
    The Citrus trees were healthier than anything you could imagine...While San Diego is too dry to support trees, the climate is such that the trees that were brought there by man florish if man provides water. the citrus trees were without insect, Sun, wind, or drought damage. Each leaf was a textbook photo of health. the fruit were each full ripe perfect color and size and shape and textrue. Almost fake.

    Now what should have I expected on a California Pond Tour?
    A transcendental meditation water feature Yogi style
    A view of a desert canyon
    A 12 acre lemon grove with a well-maintained koi pond.
    A Koi company maintaining "clean water" for the rich.
    And an aged koi pond in the perfect backyard for an aged architect to contemplate his life.
    I Have enjoyed both of the AKCA pond tours I have gone on, and will go on any other I can. It is not about seeing great (or even good) koi ponds. It is about seeing how people have koi in their lives... Yes there is a pond or two that are of technical merit and are owned by a koikichi, but most of the ponds are .....
    The AKCA promotes the ponds...instead it is how the ponds fit into the lives of the people that have them that should be put at the forefront.

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    Thoughtful perspective, Luke. ....The keepers of the meditation garden sure wouldn't like our live oaks this time of year, nor my tendency to mulch everything with oak leaves.

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    yes now watch blind eyes read it

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