The old socialist system of the 1970s needs to be scraped in favor of individual care.

Medicine has an interesting history. And although we see medical care as a series of yearly improvements always on the move since the Dark ages- really, medicine can be looked at as having three or four major leaps with series of improvement of technique and source material within those leaps forward.
From herbs taken in order to slow disease progression, infection and physiological malfunction to the universal pill for same, we have not really advanced a lot in concept. And indeed surgery, and especially anesthesia, has been improved and refined from the ' dull knife and whisky' period to robotic minimal invasion and sweet sweet juices that make the entire thing almost painless. But still, the concept is the same.
We now are advancing from the use of compounds to assist the malfunctions of the body, and the supression of the body's many outside invaders, to a new frontier- and that is based in the concept that we can get ahead of disease and even treat it at the source through gene therapy. The study and unlocking of the genome lock is at the heart of this- why do some get cancer and others diabetes? Why do some races of people suffer from some diseases that are actually rare in other races? Why do woman have different rates of cancer than men? Why do woman live longer than men? Intriguing questions, and likely a hint as to where all of medicine will be in 2040.
As it turns out, we are all rather unique in our medical challenges. And there is no universal truth regarding disease for the individual. Need I remind you that Eskimos lived on fatty meat for centuries?
But this means that our future in medicine is within our unique and individual genes. Yet our socialized medical system is ALL about ' one size fits all' medicine? Indeed it is about the efficient standardized care for all. Rationed where needed so that the resources of medical personnel, equipment and beds will allow the largest number of people the most turnkey care.
When will these two concepts collide? Probably as we adapt to the future and realize that medical care on the genome level is a very personal thing and requires individual care. JR