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Thread: An Open letter to UPS

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa

    An Open letter to UPS

    Thanks to UPS, I have a koi with very little tail left.The Outside of the Box was unmarked, shreads of tail in the bag because of the obvious deliberate effort to injure the contents. Don't try and deny it. I have former employees of yours who admitted they were protected by the union and didn't give a shit. make a claim against the company if you don't like it, was their mantra.
    So thanks to your uncaring, if it lives I will have a damaged koi to remind me every day why I will never use your company again.
    My sincere hope is that something precious to you is destroyed by the uncaring staff you counted on to safely handle something important to you!
    Dick Benbow

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    Honmei Brutuscz's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    I have been there too Dick, but fedex is not any better. Once had a koi package delivered with the tape cut open and the bag removed. Just an empty box with nothing in it. We had the weight...so, the money was refunded. It was not an empty box when shipped I don't know who is the lesser of all evils???

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