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Thread: Feed the hungry

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    Feed the hungry

    FreeRice is ran by the united nations and is non-profit.
    It is a vocabulary word game and for every word you get correct, 10 grains of rice is donated by the U.N. to feed the hungry around the world.
    This site has been running for less than 2 weeks and already has donated over 3 billion grains of rice. I estimate equal to around 150,000 lbs of rice! that feeds a whole lot of mouths! but we can make it much much higher than that!
    So, in the time of thanks, maybe we all should donate 20 mins of our time whenever you can so that you may help feed a few hungry mouths.

    p.s. I not a paid advertiser (haha).
    but does this count since they are non-profit?
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