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The problem now is the suspense algae. I wonder if my 20kilo diy baki shower can do the trick.
I wouldn't count on it. The limiting nutrient for algae is usually phosphate, and the bacteria in a shower don't use much of that.

To compete with algae, you want plants. If you pot the plants in kitty litter and laterite as described on this page, Anoxic Filtration System, under "Pots", you'll increase the growth rate of the plants and provide an environment for bacteria that will use both phosphate and the nitrate produced by your shower.

A quick though somewhat labor-intensive fix for green water is to filter through several layers of quilt batting. It's cheap, and it's fine enough to trap most suspended algae. You can wash it out with a garden hose and use it again, but it may tear if you try to lift a large piece by a small hold when the batting is soaking wet. Squeezing out some of the water will reduce the weight and hence prevent tearing.