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Thread: Another Idea to Connect Two Ponds

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    Post Another Idea to Connect Two Ponds

    xlowes posted a topic asking about "How To Connect 2 Ponds???" I was going to recommend this article, but I realized this wouldn't quite apply to his question so I decided to create a separate topic.

    In any case, this is an article by Mark Bodycott titled, "Make it Bigger."

    Since there's an axiom that says, “once you have a pond, you'll wish you had a larger one.” And since using a liner in the making of ponds has become a standard, there needed to be a foolproof way to seam an existing liner to a new liner for the greater goal of having a magnificent, bigger pond.

    Sound good huh? Sound easy? Well it isn't and to be completely honest before you read on or look any farther let me say that the liner-seaming job you are about to read about almost never happened. I've done a lot of pond construction and have heard of and seen liners seamed and it almost never works. I was convinced by this homeowner, Mark Hughes, to help him seam his liner. After I told him it was impossible and I didn't want any part of the job he convinced me to help out by saying he would do all of the work and that all I had to do was give a little insight as to why it wouldn't work at the job site and supply him with a truck load of expensive koi and equipment so...I happily agreed.

    Before we could seam the liner we laid out the outline of the addition using an extension cord but you can use a garden hose or spray paint.

    To read the rest of the article, visit...

    Make it Bigger - Pond Biz Magazine


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    And since using a liner in the making of ponds has become a standard

    That may be true for the water garden industry Pond Biz addresses. Not so with koi ponds. And remember, putting a koi into a pond dioes not make it a koi pond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCA View Post
    That may be true for the water garden industry Pond Biz addresses. Not so with koi ponds. And remember, putting a koi into a pond dioes not make it a koi pond.
    I sent your comment to the editor of the magazine and this is what he replied with...
    Mark stated that the use of liner has become "a standard". He did not
    say "the standard". Liner ponds vastly outnumber ponds built with
    other materials in todays market. The ongoing debate about what
    constitutes a proper "koi pond" continues, and we will continue to
    provide you with articles on every element of the discussion. The
    purpose of this article was simply to address the misgivings some
    pond builders have against seaming liner. It is our mission to speak
    to the entire industry, discussing, in depth, both koi and water
    garden design principals. We will continue to feature stories on
    classical koi pond construction as we have in prior issues as well as
    other systems.

    On a personal note, I am a dedicated show koi keeper with a state of
    the art koi pond, as well as a water garden turtle pond. If you have
    gotten the impression that the magazine is oriented towards water
    gardening, "the water garden industry Pond Biz addresses" please
    understand that is not our mission. I have had water garden people
    tell me that I am too koi centric as well.

    The mission of the magazine is to raise all elements of the garden
    pond industry to new levels of knowledge and understanding, bringing
    together the best elements of koi pond and water garden design
    technologies. There are no good or bad guys here. Just different
    goals and techniques.

    Thank you for your valued feedback. Please don't hesitate to keep in touch.
    Hope that helps clarify.

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    thanks for the informative post

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