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Thread: New pond build - has begun

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    Talking New pond build - has begun

    Hello all,

    first the sad news my big pond that i was going to build has gone out the window due to $$ as i needed a new family car for the little girl that im due in novemeber shes my first aswel so im gonna be a super cool dad...

    that aside im still building one but its half the size of my orgional that i wanted.

    9 X 7 X 5 (about 2000 gal)

    im building it at the side of my house which has most of the shade and is going to raised aswel.

    The thing is... im going to be using a liner for this one and im not sure on how to fit my bottom drain and my skimmer. as me and my father in law are doing all the brick work. I figured would you guys be able to help on advice with the drain etc...

    the bottom of the pond once drain is in place will be concreted and have a slop to the centre where the drain will be. then the pond walls will be built.

    Im guessing once walls are built the liner goes over top and the hole is cut out and sealed in by some sort of rubber sealant?

    any thoughts / suggestions are most welcome.

    thanks again

    i will be posting some pics soon

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    Updates & pics ??

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