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Thread: help stop a leak!

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    help stop a leak!

    I sprung a leak right where i've got the conduit union on my barrel. Just noticed a slow drip going right into my sump pit. I've got P&L Roofing cement lathered all over it from the initial install, so it's not like I can go in and tighten anything any further (tho hubby helped me get things good and tight on everything from the get-go).

    What do I do to stop the leak? Just layer on a heap more P&L?

    Please advise. Quick!

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    Louisiana - KHA
    You might have to lower the water level, remove the P&L, dry the area and put silicone around the fitting.

    Without seeing it, it's hard to say.

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    May 2009
    the barrel is now empty and i've just redirected the flow to another filter. I dried everything and put a ton more roofing sealant on. I'll have to wait a day before I can go and refill and check again, of course. Here's a pic, I think it's the union on the bottom, but I went ahead and reasealed all of 'em again. It ain't a pretty sight, as that stuff is real messy:

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    took everything apart and refit all the fitting and no leaks. glad that one's done.

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