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Thread: pump help please

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    pump help please

    I have been looking at pumps since i will need to replace mine in the next year or so due to their age and although I am not stupid I am boggled by the many options out there can anyone chime in on personal uses and prefrences. I will need 2, one that will supply water to a bead and sand filter combo and one for a waterfall. My pond is 7000 us gallons i have a Triton 2 converted to a bead filter and a Triton 2 sand filter running in series. The one for the waterfall pumps out of a stock tank from the bottom drains through various sizes of media for mechanical filtration. I am currently using a 1650 and 3800 gph pump. thanks....

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    Much depends on the head pressure from everything after pumps plus the desired flow rate. For example to return 3000gph from our Nexus to a TPR a few feet away....I only need a 1/8HP low head pump such as Wave I series. Put to pump around 6500gph through a pair of shows around 8' above the pump, I used a 1/2HP Wave II.

    You need to estimate or measure (with a gauge) the backpressure and then look at the performance charts for the many brands and models out there. The design of the bead filter makes a big difference in the backpressure. Consider:1.5" control value or 2" control valve. media being beads or something more like K1, how often do you backwash (the longer the interval the greater the backpressure and lower the flow rate).
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    Go here: pumps. Call the phone number, and explain your setup to Steve. He keeps koi and builds quite a few ponds himself, so he'll know what you need.

    There's also this bit of text:
    For Warranty service all pump manafactures require you to send the deffective pump back to them. They will waranty your pump and send you a replacement. This can take as much as 3 or 4 weeks. Totally unacceptable to me. If you ever have a warranty issue with one of my Evolution Pumps, call me, I will have a replacement pump to you in 48 hours, and a pick up of your bad pump. With me you don't even have to pay to send your bad pump back. There's no way any of my customers will ever have to go weeks with out a pump. Period!

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    That's a good policy and I do the same but you have to remember an exchange policy like that is from the distributor and not the manufacturer. It really can't work any other way. Make sure you buy from someone who knows something to begin with and then can help you if any issues arrise. That's one problem with just buying from online stores that just sell parts. They really can't help you with any decisions and when there is an issue the can only follow the manufacturers policies. Think about a car warranty. The manufacturer isn't repairing the vehicle under warranty. The dealership is and then they submit a claim for the work done to the manufacturer. Many times those claims don't get paid because of a technical issue but it's still up the the good will of the dealer to get you taken care of.

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    Anyone knows about this pump: Sequence 1000 Series 4500SEQ21 , we're trying to see if it's good for our filter the ultima II 4000 gallons, looks like the one that we have is not moving a lot water or don't have to much pressure, a friend recomend that one for us and I'm wondering if someone else knows about that particular or other one that would be ok

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