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Thread: Removing Nitrate? advice pleaassse! :)

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    Angry Ant- if you click on the link at post #13 on page 2 you can get the whole story. But basically it's a filtration system that uses a small pond as a bio filter and that can also be used to house aquatic and bog plants and water lilies without fertilization. And extremely little maintenance including much reduced water changes and related maintenance. Plus the bacteria for the nitrogen cycle won't die of if there is a loss of power as in conventional filtration. I've had mine up and running for about 3 years and am extremely pleased with it. Good luck and have fun.

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    My thoughts are, I believe the reason life flourishes in multi use natural environments is because of fast moving refreshing waters. Yes the bottom may be lined with mud, sand, rock plenty of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, but much of it is left alone or if stirred up is quickly raced away by flow and refreshed with new rains and spring flows. I see the most dangerous aspect to this is the introduction of unwanted life-bacteria-pests, not necessary in balance with our life cycle of koi and contained systems.

    Because of limited space, lack of springs or continuous fresh water (public water use per week 2000gallons or 20% of pond volume) and fear of sick koi, I selected a standard high turnover (ever 30 min) combination of outside filtration method (pressure bead/bakki showers). Costly, for sure, lots of work yes so far all water parameters are steady and safe with little to no incidents of parasites or sickness for five years. The only problems I face are lack of shade or cover and removal of organics. In these areas my system could be improved.

    What is great is we have so many choices, this thread being one and those who share their experiences, with much more to be learned.
    Great thread,

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    two things

    1 indeed high flow/turnover rates...as in bakki showers or plenty of TTs where water exposed to plenty of air and lots of media surface for growing all manner of bacteria.

    2 filters outside the pond (ie, bakki showers, TTs, Nexus...etc.) where they can be installed, cleaned, removed..etc. with minimal impact/stress on the fish. This is one of the huge reasons koi keeping long ago moved from the aquarium-based concept of under gravel filters (you would see them in the 60s and early 70s) and gravel bottomed ponds (where mulm is trapped and decays).....to smooth pond interiors with currents that help capture mulm outside the pond.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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