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Thread: Flying Fish...

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    Flying Fish...

    ...or perhaps "jumping" is a better term?

    I am planning a pond which will be a formal design: pond walls raised about 18" above grade, with steep sides, using timbers to form the raised supports. I had planned to use edging which would overlap slightly above the water edge. I had also planned on filling the pond pretty close to the top, both for cosmetic and mechanical reasons.

    My question is: how prone are Koi to jumping over the edge of the pond? Should they hop over that edge and land on the ground, they will be done for if I am not there to pick them up and return them to the water.

    Are Koi very prone to being "aerialists?"

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    Paul-New Koi are likely to jump as are stressed koi. I'd suggest a good pond net at least until they're used to the new home.
    Mine is 5,5 ft deep and they don't jump out of my pond, but several years ago one did during the spawning season. Better safe than sorry.

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    Stress induced jumping really is pretty much it, be from water issues or attempts to shed flukes, etc... Some of ours will go airborne to go after low flying bugs on occasion, but that's about it for the most part. The only time I've ever had a fish jump OUT was in a show tank where the fish had only been in for about an hour. Transportation stress + different water than it was accustomed to ganged up on it and out he flew.
    Maintaining the water level 6" below the coping edge seems to work for most, but netting the pond like DK mentioned is a good idea while they are settling in.
    Larry Iles

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