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Thread: Opinions wanted on Aquasieve vs. Bag Filter

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    Tategoi Peppy's Avatar
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    Jun 2008

    Opinions wanted on Aquasieve vs. Bag Filter

    If anybody has an opinion or experience with either the Aquabead Aquasieve or the Aquatic Eco Bag Filter, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

    I was sold on the Aquasieve but then found the Bag Filter so now I'm not sure which one to go with.

    This would be used for solids removal before the pump.

    Supposedly, the Aquasieve can go 1 to 4 weeks between cleanings and my 5500 gph pump will be okay with that one.

    The Bag Filter is limited to 4500 gph.

    I'm sure the Cetus is wonderful but over my budget so as far as I know, the above are my two options.
    ...enjoy your day!
    5500 gllns, Ultima II 4000, Tarpon 6000, 1 Multi-Cyclone Prefilter, 2 - 5500 gph pumps, 1 Retro BD, 1 skimmer, max depth 4', 5% trickle 24/7 weather permitting

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    Tategoi Peppy's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Just read about this EstroSieve and the ad says the water flows through hundreds of razor sharp triangular blades that break the surface tension of the water and remove algae, parasites and dirt down to 200 microns.

    Does anybody know if this is different or better than the other sieves?

    Do all sieves do that?

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    Dec 2003
    All the sieves for pond use follow the same princile of using an edge wire with a gap from 200-300 micron. Basically the edge of the wire slices the water away while the larger debris continues to slide down the sieve slope.

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    Tategoi Peppy's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Thanks for the input.

    After hours of searching the Internet, I found this Multi Cyclone Prefilter and bought two.

    I read a couple posts on the Internet that convinced me.

    I realize I'm sacrificing the oxygen increasing capability of a sieve, but I have pressurized filters above pond grade so the Multi Cyclone was easy to add on and I didn't have to cut a hole in the liner to stay below water level.

    Also, it can take up tp 7500 gph and my pump is 5500 gph.

    So, can't wait to see what happens with these.

    Not even sure I'll set them up this year since it's almost time to shut things down!

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    Nov 2009

    Opinions wanted on Aquasieve vs. Bag Filter


    Sorry for the delayed reply. I am using bag filter bag filter for years and its not giving me any problem so far. This Multi Cyclone Prefilter is pretty good too base on other forums that I visited. Please give us an update, I want to see if I need to consider an upgrade.


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    Oct 2005
    Crooked River Ranch, OR.
    A while back I removed my vortex and installed two Cetus Sieves. i really love them. The best part is they actually remove the waste from the water column.
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    Jumbo farne230's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    San Antonio, Texas
    Peppy, PM or post how easy this filter is to install and if it is necessary to use a high rpm pump or will a low rpm pump also work. I have two 1/2hp artesian 1750 rpm 7500gph pumps feeding two six foot tall bakki showers direct from my bottom drains. I have two GCtek prefilters on them now, wonder if this multi cyclone will work better?

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    Tategoi Peppy's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Okay all.

    1. easy as pie to install, basically pipework between the pump and filter. It sits right on top of the pump.

    2. pump is 5000 gph external pump

    3. definitely is catching stuff but I don't know exactly what it's catching. I don't think it's poop because there's still stuff in my Ultima II filter when I backwash. Maybe because the cyclone says it removes between 20 and 80 microns, it doesn't get stuff over 80 microns. Or maybe the poop isn't heavy enough to settle out through the cyclones. For whatever reason, larger stuff is passed on to the filter. OR-- I'm backwashing the bacteria off my media! Who knows!

    4. my water has never looked this clear

    5. whatever it's catching is sticking to the see-thru bottom so although that is nice for seeing when to clean it, I imagine it will get dirty enough to need to be torn apart eventually

    6. easy to clean--just open the turny-thing (that is the limit of my plumbing vocabulary) and hold a bucket under it.

    7. cleaning the multi cyclone is not removing all the sediment from the see-thru bottom because whatever the sediment is, it's sticking to itself and the container

    8. I have no idea if it's affecting my flow. I should have estimated the flow via the bucket method before installation and after. DARN!!! I don't know how it can't affect the flow because I had two 90s before installation and now I've got 3 but that's because it was a retro fit. Ideally, one would plan better for this and if properly planned, would only need one elbow.

    I like it because whatever it's catching is making a difference in the water clarity and it's easy to maintain.

    This is not a good time for testing since feeding is very sparse right now so there isn't much debris anyway.

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