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Thread: Pipe boot?

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    Jun 2008
    Getting courage up to do another pipe boot, searched internet to refresh memory on size of hole to cut and guess who? Peppy, talking about her first pipe boot. Too funny!! When I finally get done with this stupid retro everything I can spend more time here. Miss you guys! Most of you probably don't even know old Peppy. Many new people I'm guessing. Well, better get out there and do the pipe boot. Man, I hate doing these. Always so afraid I'll mess up. This is the 3rd one. Bye for now!

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    Nottingham , England.
    Quote Originally Posted by ricshaw View Post
    You said; "I think a pipe boot is something I can actually do myself.
    Any tips you have would be appreciated. I do have Greg Bickel's CD that has a section on pipe boots.
    I'm especially tickled that you used pipe boots on 4" pipe through side walls as that is exactly what I need. That is really good news."

    Can you provide more information about what you are talking about?
    Hi ALL, in the U.K. there are loads of different types some with square flanges which seem to be slightly strong, no proof but because of the larger surface contacts.
    Any one used both ?


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