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Thread: Is this fiberglass ok, or does it need re-doing?

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    Oyagoi woodyaht's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ricshaw View Post
    It can make a difference.

    I have know two fiberglass pond builders that dug a hole, covered the dirt with cardboard or some other covering, then laid up the fiberglass.

    The ponds looked neat with no leaks.

    Months/years later when they were doing some pond maintenance, the soil next to the pond collapsed the pond wall.
    Depends on how it's done and what materials are used.

    My pond has 1/4" "hardibacker" walls and glassed directly to the dirt.

    The fiberglass cloth I used, 99% of people wouldn't pay for. Very heavy, expensive stuff.

    As with anything in this world if a job is done right the first time, and proplerly thought out................ It's a one time deal.

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    Jumbo bighatbulls's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodyaht View Post
    I am swamped right now......... Might not be till next time this week before we can discuss what you want
    That is not a problem, get to it when you can.

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