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Thread: Treating wood

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    Going cheap is always a good thing these days, but............ What's the life of going cheap?

    On your other post I've got a idea of the size you want. By the time you pay for the plywood, epoxy, and fiberglass to do the job right so it will last for years you could very well buy plastic bins like Henry C's.

    The size of bins you are talking about to do it right would need about 2-3 gals. of epoxy. Good epoxy is around $125gal.

    Go with plastic if you can.

    I forgot to mention on my last post about coating in urathane............ DO NOT waste your money with the promise that any polyurathane will seal the wood for any amount of time with water contact.

    You could also use polyester resin and fiberglass with a gel coat final finish, but by the time you add in all the materials and your time, plastic bins will come in cheaper I would think.

    There are a few koi dealers that offer fiberglass bins for showers at a fare price as well.
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    building or buying

    Thanks Chris

    nothing is written in stone yet, looking at all options. I appreciate the information.


    Oswego, NY
    We are all in this together.

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    The smart money will listen to Chris's advice. To say he has the hands on experience with this stuff is an understatement and as a professional craftsman he has a firm grasp on the cost/benefit side of things.

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    Someone mentioned about using clear G4 to seal the wood?

    The wood making up the cover is pressure treated prior to usage / buying.

    I am guessing that is a bad idea?? and that that needs sealing in with something like G4, then?

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    Wood treating

    I've been reading and considering all points made, in order to hold costs down this fall I may go with large totes or milk cases if smaller holes can be found and using on several lava rock, still getting the pump for a two times tank turnover per hour. Large rubbermaid totes are available for even a fraction of the cost of the trays I was thinking of building, much to consider , it will be,


    Oswego, NY
    We are all in this together

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