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Thread: new pond, new pond water and already green

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    please delete.

    please delete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrfjones View Post
    I just finished the new pond that i spoke about last year. I do intend to move soon still and I did not go the route of concrete block and such. I used treated timbers and a liner mostly in ground. I will have a greenhouse built over it by the fall to keep everything nice and warm and also to try to keep the chemicals that my neighbor used last spring out of my pond this coming spring. I had no fish while I built this pond because of the neighbors.

    This is a very small pond, just a qt for most of you with a DIY filter. I won't go into too many details here but what might I do besides using a larger UV which I just replaced the bulb in (9 watts) to clear up my water? Lots here for one simple question but my wife can't really see the fish until they come up to eat and that needs to be fixed quickly.

    Thank you.
    What you might do is build a bigger and better biological filter for your pond.
    How big and which filter can't be determined because you did not give enough information about your current setup.
    I might add that you will need some "fish" for the biological filter to work properly.

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