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Thread: Adding a used Filter to pond

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    Question Adding a used Filter to pond

    My pond currently have small filter and stable. Fishes seem healthy (hope so ) but no doubt they will grow! Before mother nature will teach me in a hard way.... I want to upgrade for my filtration more adequate. I just got an used Oase Filtoclear 4000gal. 2 questions:

    1) I run this used filter with seperate hospital tank. Treated heavy salt and heavy PP. After few cleaning backwash cycles... the water is now still purple with PP for 2 hours. Is this enough? Any other treatments to filter/media? I don't want to bring desease to my stable pond.

    2) Is this a good time? Oregon (US) is about going into Fall season. Should I wait until beginning of Spring to add this filter to my pond?

    Thanks for any advice/comment.
    Amaze Koi

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    If you've done multiple PP bombings to the filter it should be thoroughly nuked by now. I don't know if you've done a physical breakdown/inspection of the media, but I would. No sense taking any chances of issues you haven't looked at.

    As to putting it on now or later, there is nothing to lose by adding it now. Just be sure to keep the old one running while the new one becomes established.

    The next question is what are your winter plans? Oregon is a big State with different temperature extremes depending on exactly where you are. If you are going to have to shut everything down for winter anyway you'll have to do a thorough cleaning before putting it to rest, so bear that in mind as well.
    Larry Iles

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