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Thread: "Sump Pump" Fed Pond.

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    "Sump Pump" Fed Pond.

    We just built a new home, and had planned to put in a nice pond. I dug the hole, installed the roofing material, and filled up the pond on July the 3rd, with plans to have fish in it before the Party on the 4th of July. Went to Walmart, bought some fish, and achieved my goal.
    Now I have seven Koi, and several Shumbunkin, as well as some nice Comets. The Comets have had some adult fun in the pond, and now we have seven small fry!!!
    I used a RubberMaid 150 gal container, pvc, a screen, filled with the Blue air-conditioning filters, (20 of them) for a Bio filter.
    The "sump pump" feeding the pond turns the water over about every two days.
    The fish are happy and what a great addition to the family!!!

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    Please advise which books or videos on koi you followed to design, plan, build, stock, the pond. Which koi clubs have you joined or plan to join?

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