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Thread: sealing a block wall pond

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricshaw View Post
    I might add that it might make a difference if the pond "walls" are below grade (dirt on one side, water on the other side) or above grade.
    If there was much height above grade, the footing might be more like a footing for a retaining wall.
    I don't know, I am not a masonry worker.
    The pond is going to be 4.5 foot deep, with 18 inches (of the 4.5) above grade. Pond dimensions are roughly 12X6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bighatbulls View Post
    The pond is going to be 4.5 foot deep, with 18 inches (of the 4.5) above grade. Pond dimensions are roughly 12X6.
    That is the same as building a concrete block wall 4.5 feet tall and 36 feet long.

    I would try and find a masonry guy to lay the block in his spare time after you and Shawn have the footing poured and stack all the concrete blocks near the site.

    In other words, not go to a concrete block wall contractor, but find a guy who works for a contractor that needs some extra money and will work when he has some time off.

    That is how I did it. I did all of the digging, cement finish work, plastering, and most of the work, but hired a concrete pumping service and a guy to lay the block.
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    ok after much research we have decided to repair and re-seal the pond with the appropriate products from Aquafin. The distributer came to the house and spent a good long while walking me through what needed to be done any why.
    basically, first I will do a crack repair, then skimming with Aquafin 1K a product similar product to zypex, then a coating of a flexable cementitious product, Aquafin 2K/M
    AQUAFIN Inc.

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