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Thread: rectangle tank needs new home

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    rectangle tank needs new home

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    Looking for a new home for my old filter tank.

    It would be a shame to cut it up and trash if some DIY type person can use it.

    Perfect tank for DIY home-made ERIC style filter or a breeder spawning raceway for hatching eggs and new fry.

    The fiberglass tank's inside dimensions are 23.5" x 12 ft. x 18" deep.

    I know it is not pretty, that is why it is not for sale.

    Your cost for your gas to pick it up is about what it is worth.

    Located in Southern California.

    Send me a private message if you are interested. If you like you could trade a used tote or some used filter media.

    All the holes can be easily patched using sheet plastic like "Lexan" and silicon caulking or PL polyurethane sealant.

    The baffles and PVC pipe support I put in and can be removed.

    See the following folder for more tank pictures.

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    it stinks that cali is so far way! I could SOooo use that!

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