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Thread: Pond Build, advice needed.

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    Nisai SRATHA's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Hi Bro David,
    I've seen them in pictures, however when seeing them up close a different thing, I especially loved the alligator gar, very nice a beastly looking creature. I was also told that the alligator gar was actually the aggressor among the tank, considering it's size is almost 2 times smaller than the Arapaima.

    I have also some progress of this pond, It is moving slowly, I took these pictures a couple of days ago. What is slowing us down is there are are many roots from trees that used to be in this area, however, its moving.

    Some updates...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pond Build, advice needed.-imag0032.jpg   Pond Build, advice needed.-imag0033.jpg   Pond Build, advice needed.-imag0034.jpg  

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    Oct 2011

    Koi Pond

    How to enjoy your Koi pond - Pond Install fonts:
    What could be more relaxing after a hard day at the office sitting by your pond koi pond listening to the sound of falling water sources? Nothing! To sit and relax while enjoying your bath koi around is one of the best ways to relax and let the tension leave his shoulders.
    Sources pond are more than enough to relax to the sound of falling water. Always create a soothing sound for the mind and body. That's why you see the water sources in doctor's offices. They help you relax while you wait. Installing a fountain in the koi pond is not only ideal for koi, but also peace of mind.
    Sources of the pond are not difficult to install, if you plan ahead. You may have installed and running in a couple of hours. Then just sit back and relax. There are some things you need when you put in a fountain in the koi pond. You will have the same source, aerators and dividers plus, possibly, depending on how many sources you want in your pond. There are floating fountains can be installed without much trouble. You can find all source kits required for installation or purchase individual pieces. You can even have more than one source in the koi pond.
    Sources pond has a pump for extra water because the tank needs aeration, fountains create the air that is needed, not only for fish but for the rest of the wildlife that lives in the pond. Floating sources of water are the easiest to install, as they float on the surface of water. Connect the pump and tubing and place them in the pond and you're ready to sit and relax to the soothing sound of flowing water. Of course, there is a little more to it, but it is a large pond as a source installation standard. Standard means a permanent fixture in the pond.
    Most sources are permanent pond and must be installed properly to work well. It can be tricky unless you know what you're doing. You also have to maintain a proper maintenance program source. Keep clean the source is the best way to make it last so you can enjoy the sounds of water. If you live where it freezes in the winter, you may have to uninstall, if during that time so it is not damaged by Mother Nature.
    Installing a fountain in the koi pond is an excellent way to create a space to sit and relax while upsetting the body.
    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............
    artificial banana tree

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    Tategoi Yamato's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Lusaka Zambia

    Newbie building a pond...

    Quote Originally Posted by SRATHA View Post
    Glad it was helpful, but all credits to brother David. His pond however is very labour intensive with cleaning out his diy sieve filter twice daily and Jmats once every fortnight (don't quote me).

    My main problem, and what made me decide to move towards a new pond was that, my original pond lacked proper filtration, running water systems with no bottom drains, on top of that, it was impossible to cover my pond as it would ruin the design of my house, my pond was getting too much exposure to sunlight and algae growth was a problem. Overall, it was inefficient to continue with the current pond and decide a new pond with proper filtration etc.

    My initial design was leaning towards the bakki showers design, however with the noise levels the design made, it bothered me, so bay filters were much better in terms of noise levels. From my observation, the bakki showers provide a smaller footprint compared to the bays, however again the noise levels. The bay filtration system could be just as effective if setup correctly.

    I am also building a pond and lurking around...I have lots of questions too:
    But I would like to tell U this:
    -In my current pond I have a huge bakki! I put plasting shavings on the top of the media of the top tray, and is so silent that I am not sure if the pump is running.
    No matter what make provision in your design for a bakki.
    It cools the water
    degases some of the CO2 and nitrate??? (different opinions on this)
    provides additional filtration
    and oxygenets your water.
    Lots of benefits from a bakki. (but I could be wrong ) since I am a newbie too.

    U have settled on a stream flow design. It has been recommended lots of late, but I can not figure out the advantages( not enough knowledge)
    What I think and found out is:
    Most efficient design in sweeping the debris towards the BD is circular pond.
    Next best thing is square with rounded corners (that they call a cell) or multiple cell rectangular pond like yours, designed in such a way the flow within the cells compliments each BD.
    The list efficient (in therms of flow /turn over required) is stream flow. It needs at list 30-35% more turn over rate for it to be efficient.
    That is the reason I dont understand why stream flow is promoted as a better system.
    If it was onishi stream flow I get it since the dirt is removed often and it does not stay enough to pollute the system, but for other advantages ???? I can not figure it out.
    Maybe allows for shorter pipes, less friction... Dont know!
    Or maybe they are afraid that larger slower Koi, will get bend due to the flow being permanently circular??? That i dont believe (IMO) to hold much truth but then I dont know much.
    Can some one tell me?

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    Tategoi Yamato's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Lusaka Zambia
    The second thing I would like to caution U is about draw down.
    That is a thing that has been worrying me.
    Look at this drum, it is supplied by 4" pipe one meter long, and a pump is pumping out of it 4000 GPH. The draw down is 12".
    Make some conclusions from this since U will have longer pipes and additional bends, so your draw down might be more?????
    That is just my opinion... and I dont know if I am right.

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    Nisai SRATHA's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Hi Yamato,
    Thank you for the concerns, for me I chose the bay filtration for the simple fact that noise can be controlled to a very minimum, since I will be moving in the house. However if I ever do need to add a bakki, I can easily do so. I remember I saw Andy Moo once said, tue best thing you can do to your fish is water and big filter. I personally do not think one system bested another, it just suites me better, I also think that it is much cleaner to look at since I will have guests etc. and it should work the same. If there are other benefits I do not know.

    As for the pond drawings, I have made numerous changes to the existing one here. Am away on a trip and I have not been able to update the progress.
    You can find the discussion here
    Hello, New Here. - Koi Answers - All your Question and Answers about Koi in 1 Forum

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