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Thread: Level Waters EasyFill?

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    Level Waters EasyFill?

    Never mind! Sounds like a "rip-off".
    $142.45 and only one for sale.

    Anybody know anything about this?

    They say for koi club member discount go to amazon.com/Level-Waters-EasyFill-Electronic-Automatic
    and enter 'KOICLUBS' at checkout

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    Jul 2009
    I know nothing about this product, but I typically prefer manufacturer's websites for more complete information. For anyone curious:

    Aquility Systems & Level Waters

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    Level Waters EasyFill

    Hey everyone. The EasyFill is not a rip-off. We manufacture them in Gainesville Florida and one of our distributors sells them on Amazon. The quantity shown on the page is not correct. We are working with Amazon and our distributor to correct this problem.

    The offer is still valid and there are more than ten in stock on amazon and we are starting production on more units next week. The EasyFill is the smallest, most economic electronic autofill available. They use no moving parts and sense water level using our patent pending sensing design. Give one a try!

    I hope this helps everyone. These are really great systems at a nice price. Just enter 'KOICLUBS' to receive the discount. If you have any problems, email North Florida Aquatic Supply at [email protected] or us at [email protected]

    For more information visit us at Aquility Systems & Level Waters

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