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Thread: How can I set up Nexus filter with Sieve.

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    How can I set up Nexus filter with Sieve.

    Hello folks,

    We are thinking about putting in an Nexus Eazy 310 with the Sieve. The problem is our pond is 4000 gallons with a skimmer to a bio-falls box being fed by a 4800g/h pump. We also have a submersible 4200g/h pump feeding a 72 watt UV then on to a Oase Screenmatic gravity filter. We have about 30 koi ranging from 6" to 20" and the system we have now is working but is at it's max. This spring we gave away 98 babies that were born in 2010 and if that happens in 2012 our biofilter is just going to freak. My question is how can I set up a pump fed sieve in front of the Nexus gravity filter. I do not want to put in a bottom drain, I wish I would have from the start. Any thoughts on the Nexus fiter itself would be welcomed also, pro or con.

    Thanks, Bill

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    Had Nexus since 2003. Good units for gravity feds from BDs. I would not do a pump feed Nexus unless there was something like a Cetus seive in front of the pump to keep the impeller from making detrius into very small pieces. Nexus is available in pump fed or gravity fed configurations. You can see the documentation on Evolution Aqua's home page for Nexus.

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