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Thread: Koi Katcher

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    Koi Katcher

    Historical reference for title and topic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilot_(locomotive)

    Problem set: Small koi should be able to swimm in and out of a skimmer without problem. Larger koi can be hurt on skimmer entrance (banging their head on the frame) or even worse, get trapped inside because they are too large to turn around.

    Solution: Koi Katcher (for a 16" wide Savio skimmer entrance)

    Head to your local DIY store (personal preference is the blue one) plumbing department. Purchase the following:
    One 5 foot piece of 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe
    Four 1/2" 3 way elbows (all slip connections)
    Twelve 1/2" "T" connectors (all slip connections)
    Two 1&1/2" Shoulder Hooks (sold in the same area as brass cup hooks)
    Small bottle of PVC glue (unless you already have some)
    PVC pipe cutter or saw (unless you already own one)

    Cut the 1/2" pipe into eight 6" lengths.
    Cut the remaining pipe into 14 pieces around 3/4" each (accuracy not important. Study the photos. The elbows become the corners of the koi katcher. The extra connecto ports are standoffs that hold the koi katcher off of the face of the skimmer openning. Use 7 small pipe pieces and glue two elbows and 6 T connectors end to end. Do the same again with the remain elbows, T connections and short pieces of pipe. Let the glue cure for a few minutes. Take care to align the elbows properly.

    Insert the 8 pieces of pipe into the row of 8 openings in the elbows and T connectors. Starting at one end, put the other set of elbows and connections onto the free ends of the 8 pieces of ppie. When all the pipes are starting at both ends, gently tap both sides together...glue will not really be needed.

    Pick one the rows of T connectors to the top of the koi katcher. At the corner on each end elbow measure use a shoulder hook to establish where to drill a hole. You can see the two hole drilled in the elbows in the second photo.

    Now you can spray paint the koi katcher with Fusion or other paint made to bond to plastic. It it cure I can hear it coming......."Is Fusion safe for koi?" It is safe enough for my koi. When the paint has cured, hold the koi katcher against the skimmer entrance and mark the location of the holes. Use a small drill bit such as 1/16" to start a pilot hole in the skimmer frame. Use a pair of plyers to screw in the shoulder hooks. Slide the koi katcher onto the hooks and let the koi katcher drop down into position. Part of the Should Hook will stick up through the holes in the koi katchers.

    Nows leaves should easily find their way into the skimmer....but not sizeable koi.
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    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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    I had a 21" Tancho find it's way into the back of a Compact Savio skimmer.

    My solution was to take a piece of 3/4" pvc, the same width as the skimmer face plate. I cut the pvc in half length wise, drill two holes to match the middle vertical screws on the face plate. Removed the 3/4" stainless screws and replaced it with 1 1/2" screws (Orange or Blue store). Secured the pvc bar to the face of the skimmer. A $.96 solution to my problem.

    The face plate has been modifed. I removed about 1" of the face plate on the top side of the opening, allowing me to raise my pond an additional inch and
    having the same amount of opening for water flow, after adding the bar.
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