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Thread: What type of pond filter is this?

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    What type of pond filter is this?

    My dad picked up this filter along with some small Yamabuki Ogons from a guy in Redmond, Oregon over ten years ago. Currently, I'm not using it but I've been hanging onto to it for a while now without knowing what it is exactly. I haven't seen anything like it in stores. At first I thought it's a vortex but wouldn't the mat work against it? Is this an older model mat filter, or is it someone’s custom made version of a mat filter? How would water enter and exit? I'm assuming water enters from the top though the little pipe, goes down the center and flows up to the top and the bottom outlet is for waste?
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    Two things going here.

    The PVC piping and the rolled filter material look like to me a DIY (custom) filter.

    The black container is manufactured, but does not look like vortex filter container.

    You are correct that water enters the center PVC tube from the top and flows down then upward through the rolled media. Gravity flow out the side bulkhead fitting (which is too small IMO). And the bottom bulkhead fitting is a drain.

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