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Thread: Puddle to small pond conversion

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    Puddle to small pond conversion

    Hi all!!!

    So I just bought a house that had a 150 gal preformed puddle in the landscaping with 3-4" koi and a goldfish in it no filters just a few little homedepot 150 gal/hr at best submersible pumps running a preformed waterfall, they k must have just filled it before we took over the house as the water was clear and looked fine. Well one week later ick green and nasty water , now keep in mind that I'm a total newbie never had a pond before. So I went to the homedepot got a small submersible mechanical filter and a small bio ball filter drain the pond fill it back up put filters in thinking this would help, ain't going to happen hummmmm two days later green water again . So I get on line start the research and to make a long story short have ripped out all the flowers and have a 8x12x3.5 hole where they used to be. Now just for the record I'm not building a show koi pond only plan on having those koi that survive and some goldfish but there is a little room to expand later if needed but only a few feet in either direction one side is right on the edge of the patio raised about 6" above grade the other side slopes down which I was able to bring up to grade with the dirt from the hole and add windsore blocks to bring grade up this is all I can get away with at this point.The pond is rectangle rounded corners slighty slanting to a deep spot for a bottom drain which I hope I can make it gravity feed to some barrels, and hope it dosent freeze as i live in norther Iowa and this is where I could use some help from the kind people on this site. There a 1.5' drop in grade from water level I can dig down a little if needed to get a s/c .would 3-30 gal drums be sufficient for filters? I plan on a skimmer of some sort and a preformed biofalls .Also I could use some suggestions on a decent pump.

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    First, do you realize that a small bio ball filter (or any new biological filter) needs more than a couple of days to cycle?

    Use the 55 gallon drums for your filters.

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    Yea, do now I set that preformed pond to the side filters still running with the fish in it while I build the new pond. It just looked really po dunk and the flower garden was a mess so I figured I would improve on the landscaping, the new pond will be a huge improvement

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