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Thread: Sealing gunite - Rubberizeit - Ground water intrusion problems

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    Honmei ricshaw's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by kntry View Post
    I wonder if Duraplug is different than Hydrostatic concrete. That sounds like it would work. I'm going to check with Lowe's to see if they sell it. The entire bottom isn't leaking but if I have to, I'll use the stucco you're talking about on the entire bottom.
    How are you going to prepare the old gunite concrete bottom so the new stucco coat will bond?

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    Oyagoi kntry's Avatar
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    Concrete sticks to it so I shouldn't have to do anything. The gunite guy, if he shows up, said he'll grind out the areas.

    I put up the glass tile around the waterline over the weekend. Put the thin set right on the Rubberizeit and it stuck. Some that I dropped on the bottom was very hard to get up. The only things that it won't stick to or that won't stick to it is glass and oily substances.

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