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Thread: Filter pit expansion project

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    Filter pit expansion project

    Out of the blue, I decided to double the size of my filter pit.. So off to home Depot I went to hire a couple guys.
    It was a bit small and cramped, anyhow, and only had plywood and 2x6's holding it together. What are my options now for the walls. Is cement block the only way to go? What are my other options?

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    Much depends on the height needed to hold back the dirt and hydrostatic pressure. Personally I did a concrete floor with 1/2" rebar on 1' centers. The floor has no problem taking the weight of filled Cetus or bead filters. The walls are block with vertical rebar and filled with concrete. Stacking locking landscape block is an option.

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    Jul 2012
    Fyi.... I decided to go with 4" concrete vertical poured walls with an 18"w X 9" deep footer.. I'll have it made level at 6" above ground grade. It's costing me $1200. I'll put a pressure treated wood frame around the top edge to use as a place for attachment for a lid..... Still needing ideas for how to put a lid on this that let's air in, keeps water out and is easily accessible by me. It'll be approximately 10'x7'

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    ANy updates, pictures???? I'm getting close to my filter pit build and love seeing other builds to rob ideas from! -Mike

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