here's my diy skimmer that works by an air pump i hope you like it

here's a list of what i used

2 x 4 inch pipe
2 x 4 inch straight connectors
2 x 4 inch blanking ends
2 x 1-1/2 tank connectors
1 x 1-1/2 pipe
1 x 5 inch straight connector for the top
1 bowl (
or anythiny that will hold stones )
1 piece of mesh
air stones (
i have 4 in mine)
air pump
if you noticed on the video the tank connectors are in a hollow this was done by cutting the holes out for the tank connectors and then warming up the pipe up around the holes with a hot air gun to make the pipe soft then put in the connector and push down and tighten the nut on and hold it till it goes cold (
i used a little cold water to cool it down)

thanks tim