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Thread: Sleeper Koi pond 6 foot Deep

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    Jan 2014

    Sleeper Koi pond 6 foot Deep

    Well here is my koi pond built out of sleepers. 3ft above and 3ft below.

    Dug out trench size i wanted and then filled it with concrete and a course of bricks to make foundation for above ground sleepers. (base higher than ground level to slow down water possible rotting timbers)

    Used 8inch Timber locks to fix sleepers together.....

    One of the Workers having a needed break!

    Only put a few sleeper levels in so it would not be to hard to dig out the inside of pond, but enough in so it kept in place.

    LOL who needs a digger when you have Your son and son inlaw, and a mate.!

    Great advice! Put all the excavation dirt in the front of house and get a grabber lorry to collect when needed. cost me £200 with no need of any skips! " just moans from wife about not getting car on drive far a few days."

    Fixed 3/4 ply on walls to even pressure. over kill really....

    used 2" celotex as insulation on floor and outer walls.

    Boxed liner and bottom drain.

    more info and picks as i find them. !

    SOME videos are here of the pond Here is some info on my pond and setup Prts 1,2,3,4,5,6

    jangel140 - YouTube

    POND: Polygeser bead filter, Sieve, ProMax 31000 pumps, Cyclone 50

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    Dec 2003
    Very nice. I am a fan of semi-raised. Ours is 2' above and 6' below grade.

    Nice to see the foam protecting the liner from the timbers.

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    Tategoi mtsklar's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Wisconsin, USA
    Nice work, Please update us when the koi go in.

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    Fry HenryJordan's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    God Job done..........share pics when you get stock in the pond.

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