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Thread: Polygeyser Bead Filter

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    Polygeyser Bead Filter

    This thread is all about the Polygeyser Bead Filter, this filter is what i have fitted to my pond, when I first got it i found that there was not a great deal of info or videos on it or showing how it works.
    Hence i made a video on youtube and now i'm posting it on our forums so that Members and readers can see what the filter is and what it can accomplish.
    (Prt 2) Polygeyser koi pond filter setup and flush cycle! - YouTube

    Polygeyser :

    Air valve to time cleaning cycle:

    Polygeyser loads :

    The PolyGeyser beadfilter is a real revolution in filter technique!

    The PolyGeyser beadfilter is automatically self-cleaning without moving parts or electronics, contains EN (Enhanced Nitrification) media that offers 50% to 100% greater nitrification than standard beads, and is capable of providing mechanical filtration down to 5 micron particle size!

    The PolyGeyser filter can be installed underneath or above water level. Any low amp water pump (like Oase, Messner, Red Dragon, and Sequence) can be used as a circulation pump. The PolyGeyser has the lowest possible pressure loss because it uses no multiport-valve. Inlets and outlets are 3". It’s already being used in aquaculture, and now it’s ready for koi ponds.

    Fully automated cleaning without moving parts or electronics!
    No more clogging filters when you forget a cleaning cycle.
    Special beads that offer 50% to 100% greater nitrification
    Bio and mechanical filtration in one unit
    Mechanical filtration down to 5 micron!
    For installation underneath and above water level
    Can be used with low wattage pumps for high efficiency
    Very little water loss with each waste water dump

    Here is a link to download manual http://www.sibo.nl/db/?path=document...,02%202007.pdf

    Here is the link to the Youtube video of it running through a cleaning cycle:(Prt 2) Polygeyser koi pond filter setup and flush cycle! - YouTube

    I do hope you find this informative, and any questions feel free to ask.

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    The PolyGeyser filter looks like (and I think it is) it is made by the same people who make Bubble Washed Bead Filters.

    I checked availability in the U.S. and see that it is sold by Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.

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