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Thread: Using pool filter?

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    Using pool filter?

    So has anyone used pool filters for there pond? Walmart has a clearance on there sand filters for pool size minimum 5500/max 17000. What about running 2 of these on a 5500 gal pond? I know that there would be a bio load not like a pool. Just a idea since they are on clearance since the season is ending.

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    Essentially bead filters are sand filter from the pool filter companies. But instead of using sand, which would clog in heartbeat, the pond filter vendors put in floating or sinking plastic media. If you are not up to changing the flow direction, you would likely want sinking media to replace the sand. Personally I like floating media and have bead filters that do an upflow to match the floating media. I noticed that even the fabled Evolution Aqua now has a bead filter line that is using K3 media. On thing that my bead filters have that I find very important...spa blower attached to the body, not the valve assembly, for breaking up bead packs prior to clean and backwash cycles.

    If you every get a chance to visit Thom Blischock's place on Camelback Mountain, do so. Besides his other stuff, he used to have a world class koi collection. His filter room looks like an engine room on the Enerprise. As I remember he had a dozen Aquadyne bead filters running on the pond.

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