Well after 10 months of Koi keeping, I’ve decided to upgrade my ‘mistakes’ in filtration. Rather than keep adding small bits, I’ve thought it’s best to get a decent set up and be done with it.

‘’I’ve just ordered an Oase Compact-L Drum Filter - it’s available on pre-order at the moment. I saw it a local Koi show recently - pics below. It has the full size proficlear drum combined with a biochamber that takes 100 litres of HEL-X 13. I’ve combined that with a Bakki Shower with 30kg’s of BHM.

I’ve also purchased a 300 gallon quarantine tank that my Eazypod will go onto in one of my sheds.

New equipment on its way-80791130-4d09-4362-9048-c419c99e3f8c.jpg

New equipment on its way-cf4b1f98-7c9c-4b31-bfe9-15628f35c31f.jpg