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Thread: bottom drain location

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    bottom drain location

    this might be a crazy idea but I think it's worth to exam further. I have been thinking about this and it's bugging me. hope someone can shred some lights on this.

    I would like to know what's the optimal location for placing the bottom drain? regardless of oval or rectangular or whatever shapes the pond might be, in most conventional design the bottom drain was placed at either in the middle of the pond or somewhere close to the middle of the pond even for big pond that have two or three bottom drain pipes. anyhow, the whole idea is to have optimal water circulation in the pond, I am curious why the bottom drain is not place at other end of the pond as opposite to the waterfall/return water to the pond. I think this would improve the water circulation without impacting the solid waste collection in the settling tank. what do you think?


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    bottom drain


    my thinking would be that you need to slope the floor a whole lot more if you're hoping to get all the bottom sediments sucked by the bottom drain. Water returns are usually not at floor level so i think there is a difference in the efficiency of the bottom drain with solids removal if it is too far away from one area. Just my opinion


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    if ya go with TPR's then in the middle...otherwise at the deep end away from the returns

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