Does anyone have any working submersible pumps in their junk pile that they'd like to get rid of on the cheap or free? Anything 400gph or higher would be appreciated. I'm experimenting with moving water around (over and through media, around and about the pond at different levels, etc) and don't want to buy new as they'll most likely end up in my "used it don't need it don't want it pile" in the end (yes, I know what a pain submersibles are, especially in MY pond environment *L*). I'll gladly PayPal funds for shipping expenses for pumps donated so there are no out of pocket expenses on your end. Of course, if any of my hair-brained half-baked ideas improve water quality by a significant degree, I'll be posting the outcome complete with pics to share. And if nothing works out at all, at least you got rid of another doorstop from the pile of stuff that didn't work for you. *LOL*