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Thread: New member- new pond

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    New member- new pond

    Looking for some pointers on my new pond. It's about a week away from water.
    Due to sandy soil laced w/ 200 lb boulders, I've had to build the pond from concrete block & formed concrete. Kept caving in & getting bigger & bigger!
    I will list what I'm using, constructive advice gladly accepted.
    Pond is 12' wide, 22 ft long w/ Savio Living ponds waterfall filter. I have hooked up the 2" drain to backwash. Pond is 24" deep at waterfall end & slopes to 4'6" at deep end. There is 1- 4" Rhino drain at deep end w/ 4" line.
    Pond will have underlayment & 45 mil rubber liner. Skimmer is the large Savio w/ auto fill & 57 watt UV light. Main drain is plumbed to EA Pond Sieve & drain is connected for cleaning. From sieve, plumbed to a 3 way valve, skimmer attached to other port. Swing checks in all 3 lines. Pump is a Artesian 3534 GPH @ 6 ft. My pump is at water level. I wanted a Nexus too but ran out of money. Maybe later if I need it. I have another pond at other side of house that's under neighbor's overhanging pine tree (big mistake!). It's small at 500 gallons & is full of pond comets that breed like rabbits. This will be my 1st attempt at a few Koi. This pond has no trees. Will have lots of giant birds, Palms, etc for a tropical look. It gets sun nearly all day long.
    So- fill in this Koi newbie. I know nothing about this.
    Not new to fish, I have several 150 gallon salt water reef tanks, plus the old pond.
    Probably a similar moneypit!
    Which Koi are EZ, which are hard. What do I need to know? Is this pond ok size & equipment wise?

    Ok- before I forget.
    No rock bottom in this pond, learned my lesson on the other pond. But- wife wants walls at water line to be smooth rock lined so no liner visible above water. She wants it 6-12" below water- on horizontal walls only. There's a slight shelf just below water line to support the rock- which will be secured to liner w/foam. On other pond- rock on walls is always void of detrus- it's the bottom that is the nightmare. Rocks are flat rounded granite- which came out of the hole.
    Opinions on this idea?

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    Bay Area, CA
    Hi Steve,

    first welcome to KB.

    I am kinda visual person so can you post a simple diagram of your pond layout? also, it's probably better to us to answers your specific questions rather than reading through your summary and try to figure out what you really need.



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