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Thread: What filter media(s) would you choose for this setup and why?

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    What filter media(s) would you choose for this setup and why?

    I have this DIY filter box that sprung a leak, and after I fix the leak I want to put the best possible filter media for my particular situation.

    I have a 4000 gal pond with a pressurized filter system: water comes directly to the pump from the bottom and from a skimmer, then goes to an Ultima II 10,000 gal bead filter. Water returns to the pond thru a venturi, a bottom pipe (which is "split" to give two directions of flow) and up thru this DIY filter box pictured below. The water flows up thru the box and out over a waterfall.

    I used to have a pea gravel layer, then lava rock, then two 1" filter pads, and finally hyacynths on top, to complete the filtration (bio and mech) provided by this water return.

    I would appreciate new suggestions and reasons why, for different types of media that you think might be even better than what I had. For example, kaldanes media covered with J-mat. I would like extra biological filtration along with water polishing.

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    i only have Jmat in my 2nd chamber. i still have a empty 3rd chamber.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What filter media(s) would you choose for this setup and why?-koi-302.jpg   What filter media(s) would you choose for this setup and why?-koi-357.jpg  

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    I would go for K1 with plenty of air that should do the job

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