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Thread: Flex PVC pipe

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    Flex PVC pipe

    Good morning everyone. I was down at the local big box store and found some flex pvc piping for hot tubs. It is 39.95 for 2" at 25 foot and is white. Other than being white is this any different then the black pipe my pond store sells?
    They both look alike but the price difference is huge.

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    Sep 2006
    Cleveland, OH
    Ok I just checked and it is not pvc pipe it is vinyl. Can you glue pvc to vinyl?

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    PVC stands for Poly-Vinyl Chloride. So it may be the same type of material. Having said that...When gluing flexible pipe to regular pvc pipe or fittings there are several things to keep in mind. This is stuff I have been told and figured why not...The best glue to use is made for use with flexible pipe, if using regular pvc pipe glue do not use primer (can not rememer why), use regular schedule 40 fittings and not DWV-PVC fittings as the regular sch 40 fittings have deeper sockets, and let the glue set for at least 2 hours or longer before applying pressure.

    Also friction loss in flex pipe is greater per 100' than smooth hard pipe. I have read somewhere about 1.5 times as great but have never seen any figures or charts to that effect.

    Hopefully somebody else with better knowledge will chime in here with some solid information.


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