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Thread: Polyurea sprayed in a dirt hole on geo-textile fabric

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    The price is very dependent on the price of crude. When you make and market a product that is this versatile, there are tons of uses for it. The ponding part is but a very small portion of the whole industry, probably about 1% or less.

    As for the cost factor, that was just my point. The promise was you could do the job with 50 mils. The reality is it will take much more than that. Usually twice as much. And at just 100 mils, just the materiel costs are 7.75 per SF, then add shipping, equipment, etc, and you are in the range of a turn key polyurea job where you have someone that will stand behind their product and application. Without any of the work and headaches. And believe me, following his posted instructions, you would have had serious problems. If you dont, then do some research on your own. The best polyurea coatings are put on in about 10-15 coats. That lets each one of them "fire off" properly, also allowing any gas behind the coatings to come out.

    Also, I am sorry, If you are going to hang the lining on the clothes line, spray it in sections, then place it into place and respray it, is that not just like useing EPDM? Hell, if you are going to use sheets, use something like that. If you are wanting the real benifits of polyurea, then why use a sheet, just spray it into the pond like it was meant to be. Not some illegitimate halfbreed conglomeration like they advertize.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.


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    Daniel . . .

    Thanks for shooing that fly off our pie.

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