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Thread: mud pond question?

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    bay area ,ca

    mud pond question?

    how you feeding koi at mud pond? and anybody know anyone at north bay have mud pond? i have friend have a big land he allow me have some land for mud pond but i didn't know how to built and and run it ? someone have ildea?

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    Not in Cal, but I have two smaller mud ponds. And at each one, the Koi "hear" you coming to the pond. In larger ponds, just call them when you feed them, they will come.

    As to the method of building a mud pond, it depends on the area of the US you are in, and the soil where you are. In our area, we are blessed with a red clay that compresses very well, and is very water tight. In other areas, no such luck. You might want to look at the thread below to get some ideas.


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