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Thread: liner vs granite vs cinder blocks

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    you are not alone on this one. cost is quite a bit for a gunite pond. I think gunite is a better looking pond too.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Turtle View Post
    Don't get me wrong I would like to go with a new gunite pond, but I need to sell a lot of paintings before I have the money for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaGirl View Post
    It's doubtful I can afford polyurea either.
    about $11 per sq ft? does that sound right?

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    You have to remember that gunnite or shotcrete is just the shell and not the sealing surface. All concrete cracks over time. If you use a cementatious sealing surface or one that hardens it will crack with the shell which will lead to the necessity of having the surface repaired or replaced over time. Rubber liner also has a life expectancy proportional to the level of protection and support given it during construction. Polyurea applied correctly has an unknown life expectancy at this point so if you factor in the cost of repairing or replacing the sealing surface one or two times during the life of a pond and the inconvenience, stress and risk associated with quaranting a large number of fish every time the repair is made it becomes much more affordable. $10.00/sq ft is the going rate but on extremely large projects that price can come down a little. Polyurea also does not need a shotcrete floor unless the water table is high and hydraulicing is possible so the price of the shell can come down also.

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