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Thread: New pond

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    New pond

    Havn't posted anything here in a llooonnnnggggg time so I thought I'd update news on the new pond. It's designed to look like it's connected to the old pond via stream and water garden but it's a completely seperate system. Filtration is through three air drains feeding a large settling chamber. This contains a pair of EA Answers which lead to an areated K1 chamber . The water is then pumped 100' up to the head of the stream. There is one large Savio skimmer -to bead filter-to UV and back to the pond via four underwater returns about a foot off the bottom. The koi pond itself is about 40' long , 8' wide at its widest and the whole pond if 5' deep. Total volume is around 10,000 gal.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New pond-img_0911.jpg   New pond-img_0908.jpg   New pond-img_0909.jpg   New pond-img_0910.jpg   New pond-img_0818.jpg  

    New pond-img_0819.jpg   New pond-img_0820.jpg  

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    Very nice Dwight.

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    Well done. You did a fine job


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    WOW, I'm very envious of all your ponds. Im only one year into my Koi hobby, and rent the house I live in. So my pond in very miniscule compared to most Ive seen here...

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