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Thread: Material for Bottom Drain Pipe

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    Or you could just use one of these economy 4 inch aerated bottom drains.
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    Thanks for the suggestion; I didn't know about the economy aerated bottom drains. However, I have already embarked on an attempt to build a DIY aerated bottom drain following Michael Anderson's plan that he refers to in a reply in this thread. On this and other boards I was given several good reasons why my original design is not feasible.


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    Reply to MCA


    As I just mentioned in another post I am following your suggestion after all for building a DIY aerated bottom drain. I got all of the parts today. I started by cutting a disc from the 1/4 inch PVC. I don't have a Rotozip so I tried using a Dremel but even with its guide it was very difficult. Not only was it freehand but the Dremel at slow speeds wouldn't cut effectively and at higher speeds it got so hot that it fused the plastic right behind where I was cutting, leaving a ridge that was even harder to cut through accurately. I think that I may try using a jig saw for the remaining cuts, drilling a pilot hole first.


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    the saving is not worthy as compare to other expensive equipment or koi fish themselves.

    PVC is made of material that guarantee free of harmful chemical while ABS made of different materials. I used PVC unless it's something I need that only made in ABS such as those TPRs.


    Quote Originally Posted by garywalker View Post
    Is there any reason why ABS should not be used instead of PVC for the pipe from a bottom drain? ABS is less expensive and more readily available in the 3 and 4 inch sizes (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.).


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