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Thread: Mechanical Filtration Options

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    I agree with both Steve and Cindy. If you were justing putting in a new mech filter unit, the EZR is a great option for water polishing. As Steve mentioned, make sure you put them at the end of your circuit. You wouldn't want it at the beginning of the circuit because it would trap too much and maintenance would be a problem.

    If you're doing a retro, A DIY static fines filter that Cindy mentioned is very good. It's fairly easy to put together and generally speaking you can just add it to the intake of your existing settlement chamber. This would take no additional space which is a big deal if you already have your entire system in place.

    If you handy and comfortable with a bit more DIY effort, you can try a VMS. The build is a little more difficult, but the advantage is that it probably more effective and even easier to maintain.


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    Since this thread is about filters can i get some opinions on what I built ?

    I am in the process of adding a wintering hole to my pond by adding a 8'x12' 40" deep addition gonna use the original skimmer with brushes and a 3000 GPH pump feeding a bio falls, addad a 4" bottom drain in the new end flowing into this home made filter made from a 50 gallon rubbermade storage bin.


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