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Thread: Filter Layout For Pool

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    Filter Layout For Pond/Pool

    Bumpin for any suggestions. I'll be starting on it this weekend.

    Would this work? What changes would you make? This will be temporary, hopefully not more than a year.

    The pool will hold about 5500 gallons and be home to 11 koi ranging in size from 22-28". I will have sand under the pool, bowling the bottom.

    I want the filtration in series and can add another barrel to each drain if necessary. All pipe is 4". I have a 120L air pump for each circuit of static to moving beds.

    The following are available water pumps. Since they are all different, I'm not sure if they'll work together. 4500 Sequence, 6500 Performance Pro & 8500 Wave.

    I'm going to try airlift before using the pumps.

    Michael, I decided to go with 2 Bottom Drains.
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